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White Gold

It's snowing out tonight... alot. The weathermen are predicting anywhere from 1 to 2.5 feet of snow in the Boston area over the next 48 hours. Fun! It's really pretty out. Our kitten Uma has never seen snow before and she spent a long time staring out the window at it... I wonder what her little walnut-sized brain thought about it all. Whatever it was, it must have tired her out, because she's curled up next to me snoozing away.

Snow brings mixed blessings. Because of the storm, my friend Meryl is on her way here a day early, and I get to spend a little more time with her before she and her boy Gary leave for China. She'll be gone for a year, and I have no idea where I'll be when she gets back. It's kinda surreal. And sad. But also great, because she's finally doing the stuff that she's always wanted to do. She's found a way to get payed to travel and to experience new parts of the world. That is a VERY good thing. But I'll sure miss her. Of course she'll only be an email away, right?

I wonder how the storm will effect her flights, and other plans that we have for the weekend. Mother Nature is a savage mistress. Or something.


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