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Style sheets hurt my brain...

I've been trying to pretty up this blog with a CSS from Movablestyles. I've installed it... I know the correct information is on the server, but mybrowser shows absolutely no change. It's still displaying the default style. Anyone have any idea what i might be doing wrong? Or is my old style sheet just hopelessly lodged in my browser cache somehow?

On a slightly less technical note, I went out wandering in the cold at lunch today. There are snow storms predicted all weekend, and I thought it might be a good idea to go out and replace my beloved and worn-out Doc Marten boots. It seems that no one in Boston (except maybe Berke's Boots in Harvard Square) carried Docs anymore. I guess I'll have to order them online and wear my arctic boots if things get to snowy in the next few days.

Am I ready for winter this year? I'm not sure. That week in the Mexican sun has made the long dark New England winter that is nearly upon us seem that much more... I don't know... ominous maybe. Not that I'd give it up. I've grown up a Northerner and I love all the seasons. I love a good snow storm. But at the same time, the darkness gets to me after awhile. It makes me want to burrow in and hybernate. I'm going to try to fight that off this year... thanks to one of our new wedding gifts, I may combat the winter winds with the manly art of BBQ. Grill= fire. Fire=Good!


Looks like I figured out the stylesheet problem (hence the new layout from Movablestyle .com).... Although I'm not sure why it wasn't working before. So I guess I didn't so much figure it out as I blundered into a solution. Sometimes I'm an idiot-savante like that... oh well. I'll start tweaking a bit more as time permits.


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