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Slow Day in the Book Mines

Today has been slow and unproductive. For reasons too boring to type, production seems to have ground to a standstill in the Book Mines. It's a waiting game... waiting for all the pieces of the production puzzle be present so that we can continue to put it together.

Last night's storm, while certainly nasty while it lasted, left very little behind but a slushy mess. Another storm is supposed to be coming in on Thursday, but that'll most likely be just rain. You know what I'd like? One of those absolutely monsterous Nor'easters that dump 3 feet of snow on you starting on a Sunday night... the one's that they cancel work for... The ones in which all your neighbors are outside on x-country skis, smiling, laughing and dragging around their kids on inner tubes. I love those storms... We had one not long ago, but it was on a Saturday. It's always better when you have to miss work.

Tonight the wife and I are going to go look into getting a family cell phone plan. Now that my old contract is up and the new law says I'm allowed to transfer my current phone number, I'm jumping ship to a new provider with better rates. Any one have any bad experiences with At&T in the Boston area?


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