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Mexican Honeymoon Revisited

The last entry was a dry attempt at getting down the itinerary of the trip before it all disolved into soft fuzzy memories. While it forms an outline, it doesn't really give a sense of the flavor. Here, in no particular order, are a list of the nonlinear things that stick in my mind about the honeymoon trip:

  • when the sky was clear (and it was most nights) the stars where unbelievable. There was very little light polution, especially out on the beach. The crashing of the waves provided a beautiful soundtrack for stargazing.
  • Mexican MTV is better than US MTV. They actually show videos! And really good ones, too. A nice mix of US hits and latin music by bands like Control Machete and Cafe te Cuba.
  • most of the homes we saw outside of the resort seemed very poor. A guide told us that we weren't seeing poor people, just people with a different way of life. I wonder if this is true.
  • the resort had tables set all over the place with self-serve flavored tequila bars. Tequila was infused with strawberry, cinnamon, coffee, and other stuff. Really good stuff. I kinda wish I'd drank more of it.
  • everyday, housekeeping would leave our towels arranged into the shape of a different animal. Funky!
  • flaming coffee drinks were offered nightly... flaming liquers poured back and forth between silver gravy boats and finally mixed with coffee and a dollop of whipped cream.
  • two people in a tiny tub :)
  • I wish we'd had more time at Chichen Itza. The grounds were huge an I definitely could have spent more time there. I wish I'd taken more pictures there too. I'm glad I climbed the pyramid. This is the last year they are allowing visitors to climb it, and it would have been a shame to never see that view.
  • I have the coolest and most wonderful wife of all time.
  • next time I go to Mexico, I'm going to snorkle.
  • For a long time, every American we met was from Wisconsin... very weird.
  • You can take a public transit van for 1.50 that takes you in to Playa del Carmen from anywhere in the area. Beats a 30 dollar cab ride!
  • In Playa del Carmen we saw 2 internet cafes and two tattoo/piercing shops on the main drag. Lots and lots of shops. Next time, I want to spend more time in town, during the day. Hopefully with more spending money.
  • I'd never had a professional massage before. The aromatherapy thing was very relaxing. Soothing smells and gentle rubbing. I probably really needed more of a deep tissue massage. My back was sore from weeks of tension and then sleeping on the hard resort bed. I may have to try another massage in Boston sometime soon. Can't afford to get addicted to it though.
  • even though it was ninty degrees in the breeze and the sun was beating down, the white sand on the beach never got too hot to walk on. I guess all the heat reflects off it. Nice.


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