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Mexican Honeymoon

Saturday 11/22/03
Up at the crack of dawn, Mike gave us a ride to the airport. We had no problems getting through security and catching our flight. We even managed to get our seats moved so that we could sit together. After a fairly uneventful 5 hour flight, we landed in the heat of Cancun. We breezed through Customs and were able to fairly quickly locate our shuttle to the resort.
Our shuttle van took us an hour and a half south to the Bahia Principe Resort in Tulum, a little town near Playa del Carmen. After a minor delay getting our room key, we made our restaurant reservations for the week, and then rushed to the other side of the resort to make tour reservations for the various trips we wanted to take over the course of the week. Then we were finally able to get into our room, a lovely suite with marble floors and a nice balcony, not far from the main restuarant and pool area. After a quick shower, we headed over for dinner, a few drinks, and then early to bed. Travelling can tire you out!

Sunday 11/23/03
We got up early Sunday and spent the Morning sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun and swimming in the sea. The water was absolutely beautiful... clear and comfortable. We waded through schools of fish, floated about, and just soaked up the salty goodness. Read alot, and sipped pina coladas. Just the relaxation we were looking for. After lunch, we swam in the pool a bit, partook of the swim-up bar, and just lounged around. I think that was the night we ate at the seafood restuarant. Not bad... the resort food was mostly pretty good, though the buffet at the main restuarant got a bit boring toward the end.

Monday 11/24/03
The only rainy day. Went to Chichen Itza on a bus tour. On the way we made a couple of stops: once to meet an aged Mayan couple and see there home and another time to shop and buy snacks. Chichen Itza itself was amazing. Beautiful old Mayan ruins. I wish we'd had more time to explore. This is the price you pay with bus tours. I did have time to climb the outside of the main temple pyramid... it was an amazing view of the jungle with ruins poking out of the green. Scary though, since the steps are vary steep and narrow. Had to use the guide rope going back down. I also went up into the inside of the pyramid to the jaguar statue chamber. This was much scarier than the outside... a long climb up a very narrow low ceilinged stairway into a tiny room. No ventilation, so the air was stale. I really thought I was going to have a panic attack up there, and I never suffer from claustrophobia. Freaky stuff. We also saw the old Mayan ballcourt... loser was sacrificed to the Gods. Now thats an extreme sport.
On the way back to Tulum, we stopped for a late lunch at a Mexican restuarant with folk dancers and some really kicking habenero sauce. Ouch. Good stuff. We spent the bus ride chatting with a really nice older couple from England. After the long bus ride, we dragged them (or did they drag us?) to one of the resort bars for a bit of refereshment. Several cocktails later, we left them to go get some dinner at the buffet.

Tuesday 11/25
Another day of lounging on the beach... this time we both overdid it in the sun. Being pasty skinned scorners of the sun, it was really only a matter of time until we got roasted. It was still quite nice though. I think this was the night that we went to the Mexican restuarant... once again, not bad, but not as good as what we had for lunch the day before on the Chichen Itza tour... I had a mole chicken that had no real spice to it... oh well. I think we also went over to the Hacienda, a little shopping complex on the resort, with lots of tourist crap, a disco, a sports bar, an internet cafe (with a crappy connection), and I think a pharmacy. Not too exiting, and overpriced compared to shopping in Playa del Carmen.

Wednesday 11/26/03
We went on a day trip to XCaret, an ecopark about a half hour away. We swam through an underground river, checked out the dolphins, bats, turtles, and birds that were all over the grounds, and later went to a great 2.5 hour dinner show about Mexican culture and music throughout the centuries. Amazing dance numbers, platform flyers, Mayan sports involving flaming field hockey, and enormous puppets. Good fun. Definitely worth seeing.

Thursday 11/27/03
Thursday we went horseback riding at Rancho Loma Bonita. It was a really fun beginners level trail ride through jungle and out along a beach. We were even able to take the horses into the ocean and swim with them. My horse wasn't to keen on the idea, and didn't go in tto deep, but it was still fun.
After the horses, we to the bus into Playa del Carmen to have dinner and do some shopping. We had dinner at a Brazillian BBQ place that serves all the meat you can eat, right off the skewers. We shopped abit for souvenirs, found a great bar that served the best mojitos (an amazing cocktail made with rum, sugar, ad fresh mint leaves) I'd ever had. We wandered out of that place and ran into a couple from Denver that we'd met while horseback riding. We asked them if they wanted to grab a drink. They wanted to check out the action at Senior Frogs (the Mexican equivalent of the HardRock Cafe) so we spent the rest of the evening there drinking overpriced margaritas from yard glasses. We finally bid them goodnight and stumbled into a cab back to the resort, a bit too tired and tipsy to deal with finding the bus.

Friday 11/28/03
Our last day of relaxation. More time spent on the beach, but this time i stayed in the shade. Liz was braver, and therefore, more toasted and lobster like by the end of the day. We lounged about until 5pm, when we had our aromatherapy massages. I'd never had a professional massage before, and this was really nice. Very relaxing. Then we went to dinner, which was a really lovely meal at the Arlequin, the resorts gourmat restaurant. I had a sweet lemon soup, a sea bass salad, and a nice ribeye, followed by a delicious cheese cake thing and a flaming sambuca coffee drink.

Saturday 11/29/03
We awoke early, checked out, had breakfast, and then caught our shuttle back to the airport. The lines in Cancun were insane, but we got to our flight on time, and after a bumpy ride home, we arrived in Boston that evening... The cats were really glad to see us, and we were really glad to see our own bed again. The beds at the hotel were rock hard. It's good to be home... and yet.... it kinda sucks. It's hard to come back to a hectic work schedule and cold icy weather after relaxing in paradise for a week. We'll definitely go back, but not soon enough.


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