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Cold Ordinance

Our roof is no longer in danger of collapse... at least not from rain soaked snow. Liz and I, with the help of our neighbor Ciara, shoveled about 2 tons of the white stuff off of our roof tonight.

Heavy wet boulders of snow make a very cool sound when dropped three stories into a snow bank below. It's a deep thud, not unlike the sound of bombs dropping during CNN broadcasts. We have been shovelling at night, so I have only a rough idea what the ground below must look like. There was about 1.5 to 2 feet of snow on our fairly large flat roof, and almost all of it was dropped into a small area of the back yard, because that was the only area that we could drop the snow into. Thats alot of snow to drop on a small space... and from a great height. In my mind's eye, I picture impact craters and something resembling the surface of Pluto. In reality, it's a snowbank in Jamaica Plain... probably with dirty snow. It's still dark, so I choose Pluto.

Rumor has it there may be another storm this weekend. Winter seems to have moved in and unpacked it's bags.


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