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Boring Geeky Stuff

Lizzie and I have been kicking around the idea of gifting each other with MP3 players this year. After much research, Ipod seems to be the way to go. Especially for a Mac user like me. The mac community just doesn't have many options when it comes to MP3 players.

So I did further research... my crusty 6 year old Mac G3 350 B&W is only running OS9.2 right now. Mostly because thats what all my software is geared for. It works fine and I have no problems with it. The catch? The latest generation of Ipods for Macsrequire OSX! Crud... I really don't want to be booting in OSX all the time. The "Classic" environment just doesn't work efficiently. Not on my system anyway. So what to do...

My friend Dave Z. had the solution (as he so frequently does)... get a second internal hard drive, install OSX on that, and only boot up in it when you want to use it with the IPod. So I ran out today, found a good deal on a 40 Gb drive, and theoretically I'm back in business. Of course I have no time to do the installation to see if it'll work. I've got way too much photo work to do before we leave for the holidays and can't risk making a mistake and blowing all my time fixing it.

I really WANT to install it, just to see if it'll work the way I think it will. I need to be more patient.


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